Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

What We Do
                                                What Do We Do?



Where We Focus

It’s been a while since we have updated this site. It’s time. It is time to describe our services. Also, to explain why we are in this business. Simon Sinek is popular for promoting the idea of understanding why. You should know why you are in a particular business. We aim, in this blog post, to also explain where we focus.

Unless you understand why you are in a business, the chance is you will run it with no passion or feeling. When you do something because you think you should do it, there is a high possibility that your business will not be successful.

Let’s start by defining who we serve

Our Target Customer

  •  We can best describe our target customer as a small to medium-sized company. We would add in a micro-sized company.
  •  This company should be in the Punjab-Haryana-Delhi (and Rajasthan belt).
  • The company should be willing to invest in an advisory firm. Ideally, such a firm will see value in advice coming from an external perspective.
  • We are industry agnostic. However, our special experience lies in food and health.

Our Offerings

We’d like to describe what we do in some more detail.

We help companies who:

  • Need help to focus their strategy, and to ‘narrow’ their vision. There is a reason for this. A small company with a vision too broad a vision may flounder.
  • Want to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Need to sharpen their strategy execution.
  • Are in trouble and need to return to a sustainable growth path.
  • Need to build a strong leadership team.
  • Need to make their sales teams more effective.



The question why. Why do we do what we do?

The Reason Why We Do This

Over our combined experience, we have built strong, sustainable businesses. We have built leadership teams, sales teams, and have focused on executing strategy.

If you cannot execute your strategy, then the strategy is just words on paper.

We are passionate about building businesses. The challenge of turning a business around energizes us.

There is a larger perspective. Over the course of Rajiv Chopra’s experience, he has traveled extensively in the world. He has worked with Bayer, and after he left his corporate career, he interacted with MSME companies in Germany. These are the German Mittelstand. These companies:

  1.  Employ over 20 million people
  2. Are responsible for 40% of total German gross investments
  3. Account for 30% of Germany’s exports.

This is part of the story. These companies are also known for their innovation and focus on service.

We are convinced that, for India to grow and become a country that stands tall in the global community, the MSME sector in India must contribute.

It is crucial for wealth and innovation to be democratized in India. This is where the Indian MSME sector comes in.

We want to partner with the Indian MSME sector to help them build strong, sustainable and innovative businesses. This drives us.

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