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The Logo of Aranya Advisory. Our mission is to help small companies build a competitive advantage
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 Helping Build Competitive Advantage

We founded Aranya Advisory & Media Services in 2017-18. Our main objective is to advise and helping small companies build a competitive advantage. We have noticed that many small companies struggle to grow. Sometimes the growth is sub-optimal. At other times, the business fails. We have noticed that many small companies do not invest sufficiently in leadership teams. This is a critical mistake. Building a leadership team is critical if a company wants to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Service Offerings: Helping Build Competitive Advantage

We’d like to summarize – in brief – our offerings:

  1. Helping small companies build competitive advantage.
  2. Helping troubled businesses turn around, and become healthy. We aim to put them on a sustainable growth path
  3. Helping businesses build leadership teams

We strongly believe that the MSME segment of businesses in India can, and must, contribute to India’s growth.  Germany’s Mittelstand is inspiring. These companies have been at the forefront of driving innovation, growth, employment, and capital expenditure. In fact, there is no reason why India’s MSME sector cannot be respected internationally.

Aranya does not offer media services anymore. We do this via Orange-Tree Pvt Ltd.

While we are sector agnostic for many of our services, we have deep knowledge of the food and health sectors.

Aranya also represents m/s AMAC GmbH in India, as well as the Aachen Center for Lightweight Technology.

We believe that innovation can be a source of competitive advantage, so we will be looking at this area in the near future.

Our Philosophy

We are advisors, and not a typical consulting firm. What this means is, that we work with you, to help you find solutions that you can implement. We have always believed that a strategy is of no use unless you can implement it, and measure its success or failure.

Therefore, we will work with you, help you craft your strategy, and give you advice on how you can implement it.

We will work with you as partners and advisors, so that your business becomes successful.

Rajiv Chopra

The Founder: Experience in Building Businesses & Teams

Rajiv Chopra studied at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur and specialized in metallurgical engineering and corrosion. After working with m/s Mukand Iron & Steel Works Ltd., he then did his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore.

Subsequently, he worked with m/s Britannia Industries, m/s ITC (Agri-Businesses Division), Bayer AG, and DSM NV. He spent a large part of his career in the food and health industries. His career has taken him across the world. He has worked in India, China, and Singapore.

During this over 25-year career, he built several businesses for the companies he worked for. There were several businesses that he turned around and put on a sustainable growth path. He believes strongly in the importance of people to the success of an enterprise. Rajiv has a strong track record in building strong business teams. Moreover, he has developed several key talents who have grown in their career. Some of them have gone on to successful international careers. Rajiv believes strongly in plain speak, and in giving advice that can be implemented. Moreover, he uses jargon only when it is absolutely required.

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