Business Transformation

Why Us ?

We, in Aranya, work with small to medium-sized companies and family firms. Many of these firms do not wish to, can afford to hire a large, expensive consulting firm. So we call the firm, “Aranya Advisory”. We give practical advice to senior management and owners. This is advice that they can implement. We do not walk away on delivering our suggestions. If called upon, will work with the leadership team to help them on their implementation journey.

Our Focus .

We focus on two areas:

We aim to give the best possible solutions for our clients, leveraging our expertise in consumer and business markets, our experience in Indian and international markets, and, in a variety of challenging business situations.We approach each assignment with a blend of practicality & creativity.

Our Approach .

Before we talk about these, we will to outline the broad approach.

Internal Market

Initial Hypotheses

The chart above paints a very broad brush of our approach. We start by asking some fundamental questions about the business, the leadership team, the market, the motivation, etc. If needed, we will do a market survey to understand the key drivers in the market, potential opportunities, risks, etc. We hold meetings with senior management, also with people at various levels in the organization, to understand the issues they face, to understand how they see the market / organization. The next step is to develop hypotheses, test them out, then choose the one that has the most chance of success. Finally, we develop an action plan to implement the strategy. This is measurable, with gateways to measure progress and take course correction, if required. A business turnaround may demand a deeper dive into the innards of the organization—the structure, processes, compliances, etc. This is a very complex exercise. We spend a significant amount of time digging to uncover the critical issues.

Philosophy .

We believe in being a reliable partner. We believe in asking the brave questions, speaking in plain language, in giving advice that is practical. We believe strongly that solutions must be implementable to have value. Second, we believe that it is people who build, drive and implement strategic plans. We recommend—strongly—that our clients take a critical look at how they manage their people. We do not engage with businesses that indulge in unethical practices, are in businesses that damage human & animal health, or the environment.